Monday, March 31, 2008

Mother bird rescues her baby!

As I was walking at our backyard, I could not help notice several birds flying really low and somewhat in a "panic mode". I saw one bird still on the ground, I came in closer and saw that it was a baby maya that could not fly which caused its parents to fly like crazy when they saw me approaching. I quickly ran inside the house and grabbed my camera with the intention to capture the rescue attempt of the little bird's parents.

I lied flat on the pavement for about 15 minutes as I watched the rescue team fly over me and survey the area. I had to move back from my position to give them a bit of security that I would not be in range to harm them. Then, finally! The moment I've been waiting for! Mother lands beside her baby!

My shutter release goes off, bursting at a rate of 5 frames per second! The sound resembling that of a sub machine gun...Mother bird panics, and soars thru the air! I finally realize that by using my 200mm lens, it would not give me a safe distance to capture the moment in stealth. I give up my position and entered the house, giving the little bird's parents a worry free opportunity to pick up their baby.

I'll probably save up so one day I could buy a 600mm lens and be more effective in capturing wild life photography. I certainly enjoyed the thrill of capturing such moments. :D

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo.