Monday, July 23, 2007

Milo's 31st National Marathon

This event was action-packed! I think I lost 3.5 lbs in the process so I had to eat about another 4 Ibs of food. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One small happy Light Room

Today we ended our 2-day course on Adobe's Lightroom (photographer's digital workflow software) at PCCI. The seminar was conducted by ACE instructor Jun Miranda. Other participants that attended the class were Ibarra Deri (portrait and product photographer) , Leah Taas (portrait and wedding photographer), Mark Floro (food and architecture photographer) and Patrick Uy (wedding and fashion photographer), we had so much fun learning the new software and as the first class to take the course we had a little celebration of our own! Linda Floro prepared a wonderful italian meal for us, we brought red wine, sake, ballons and even had our own banner. I'd like to thank Mark Floro for the GC he gave me for their very own restaurant located in Tagaytay "Buon Giorno!" and Leah and Patrick for some video tutorials. I think we should meet again and have our class reunion pretty soon! :D The comprehensive training that PCCI gave me was definitely worth the time. I learned to enhance images and understand the true science behind the complex technology behind digital imaging even further down to the tiniest detail.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Robbie and Nicole's 1st Birthday

Aside from weddings, I love kiddie parties! Everything about it is just pure fun, especially the food! Ok, I'll admit I love the hotdogs and marshmallows the most. Oh! and the ice cream ofcourse! :D But the joy that the kids bring us is just amazing and the adults have as much fun as the little ones do...