Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Free Hugs in Manila

Last February 23, we went out on the streets to give everyone a Free Hug! Together with Kim, Christopher and Dexter we were able to go to 4 different sites were we found lots of people that just needed a hug and did it brighten their day! We are caught up with anxiety and stress on a daily basis that a simple gesture of love recieved from a stranger could just change the way we see life. So, why don't we all go out and hug a stranger today! :D FREE HUGS!!!!!

Here is a photo of me giving freehugs that Kim took, I just wonder how she managed to take this shot with a 70-200mm in an arm's length! Hahaha!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preparing for Free Hugs

Ok, you guys may be wondering what's going on here?? Well, were preparing for a free hug campaign which started immediately after we finished making the boards. Captured again with my Lomo. Great job Kim! :D


My first Lomo portrait session

Here goes the first set of portrait images I took using Lomo. Special thanks to Mark and our lovely model Klaudia. :D

Photo of the day

As I was working on some revisions on my album layouts I stumbled across this file. This is actually a shot of a flower girl putting on her shoes. As I look at the image, I could just imagine the emotion and anticipation she had at the moment. Perhaps similar to the bride? A bit nervous? or simply excited? Or maybe both?? what do you think???

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rommel & Jacklyn engagement portraits

Aside from the usual outdoor engagement portraits, I find it good to try new stuff all the time. Shooting indoors was a good idea. Made me feel relaxed and at home! :D

Controlling light even better.

I recieved my new Nikon SU-800 Commander unit today and it got me really excited to test it out! It has been out of stock here in Manila and after checking in about 10 stores in Hong Kong my brother was able to purchase one for me. Finally, a faster way of adjusting the settings for the Advanced Lighting System which would require me to toggle with the D200's menu when using the pop-up flash in commander mode. (saves me a lot of time and batteries!)

What better way to try it out?? I asked my niece, Alyssa to model for me. Using two SB-800's and setting them to TTL mode with a little fine tuning to blend with the ambient light of our living room and in A Mode with the D200.

To really push it to the test (flash and my niece) I asked Alyssa to jump and by bouncing the two flash groups off the white walls I was able to achieve the awesome stopping power of the SB-800 units!

A month to express your Love!

February is known as the "Love Month". Although I believe that love should be expressed all year round, wouldn't it be great to go a step further and spread the love to everyone within your reach??! :D Click here to see what I mean. :D

Ian & Ina February 16, 2008

As a witness and story teller in the weddings I attend to, I definitely have my share of practical learnings. In spite of all the fun and laughter, deep inside my heart cries for joy when I see the love between Ian and Ina which manifests the greatest love of all - the love of Christ Jesus, who has taught us what loving unconditionally is all about. We live, breath and dedicate our lives to Him who is worthy.

Miracle to those who seek Him: Normally, it would take 2-2.5 hours to prepare an on-site AVP to be presented at the reception. Here it goes: At 1 hour 40 minutes of editing, my time creeps to an end. Lifting my burden to the Lord, down to 5 seconds we launch the AVP successfully! This really doubled my heart rate! But what I learned also is to put ALL my trust and faith to Him at ALL times and He would take care of the rest.

To God be all the Glory!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding Photography for a Wedding Photographer

I had the privilege of documenting Fred and Sheryl's Wedding. They are wedding photographers as well, and in spite of the weather we really had a good time. It was remarkable on seeing so many guests dancing and having so much fun at the reception!

I'm hooked!

As part of improving my skills in photography and imaging I got hooked with Lomography! Using this plastic toy camera, it allows me to percieve the creative concept before taking the shot allowing me to stretch the right side of my brain even further! I was thinking, how about a full wedding lomography package out in the market??! What better way to start Lomo but to have a self-portrait! :D

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another day at the Island Fort

3 days ago I also had a portrait session in Corregidor Island for an upcoming band called "Layag". The structures and sceneries was a good venue to experiment with some lighting techniques, again using Nikon's Creative Lighting System.

McNally's hands-On workshop

I just want to share some images I took during Joe McNally's workshop held yesterday in Corregidor. I really did not take much shots of the dancers since I was more interested and focused on listening to his lecture and hands-on techniques.

Joe shows us how he handles his' cam.

Lighting and positioning of subject.

Here is my own composition and lighting. :D

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I finally meet McNally!

No other photographer has ever inspired and influenced me as much as Joe McNally. Things get better when I get to shake the hand of the master photographer himself! This so far is the best souvenir photo I'd ever had! Can't wait to attend his workshop conducted by Photoworld Manila. Kudos to Mr. McNally! :D


Black and White Weddings

I started my full Black and White photography for weddings and I'm just loving it! I took about 15 rolls of film and this is only the first batch of processed film. i'll post some more soon! :D