Monday, January 28, 2008

Not too late for 2008!

Okay, so after the numerous meetings with clients, hanging out with friends and family at Starbucks Coffee I was able to earn my Starbucks 2008 Planner. I know January is almost over, but hey! Who cares??? We still got 11 months left on the calendar, and guess what?! I thought that I'll hand over this wonderful item to one of you out there! :D

So how do we do it??

You may view my blog and tell me what you think about some of the photos or better yet, indicate which photo left an impression with you? Tell me why. Just leave a comment and I will judge and award the winner! Oh, and if you are a previous or present client of mine and you happen to be selected I'll throw in an additional Php 500.00 gift certificate from Starbucks!

Sounds like fun! Don't you think?! :D

Carl & Franki

Another wedding held at Hacienda Isabela, a unique place to host a reception! The mood and weather up there really compliments the ambiance. It really feels good to have witnessed Carl & Franki in one of their happiest moments! :D

Richie & Rina

This truly is one wedding that gave me a smile all through out the day! :D A cute couple that knew very well that the wedding day is also "A day of fun and celebration."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Casey & Cindy

Its been merely 2 weeks and I miss these guys already! Too bad the busy season kept me from hanging out with them, but I really had a blast on their wedding even though the on-site avp gave me cold and sweaty hands...(eeeewwww). You guys are great! Cheers! :D

Arvin & Katrina

BMW anyone??? Arvin's the man! They both were so funny especially during the engagement portraits. I felt so attached to both of them not only because Arvin is a relative of mine but because they are such warm people. :D

Alfie & Tatin

Another set of friends since my High School days, that's how long Alfie and Tatin have been blessed together! Reception was held at the Hacienda Isabela in Tagaytay, it really is a "cool" place, hehehe... Cheers to both of you! :D

Third & Itin

I have never felt so much trust, gratitude and love coming from a client - or should I say from "a friend". That is how I would describe Third and Itin. :) I am overly blessed for having the privilege to be a part of their special day. I'll see you both really soon, in Sydney??? :D Congratulations and may God bless both of you!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A new old toy...

I recently purchased a Nikon F5 for my "hybrid" wedding album package. I just love the excitement and discipline film photography gives, not to mention the high quality images it produces. The F5 was the last film SLR by Nikon before the introduction of the D1 series (digital SLR). Almost two years ago Nikon released the F6 - a fantastic camera!. Hopefully I'll get another F100 soon (for the second time).

Ian & Ina Engagement portraits

Not only do their names sound good together but they make a great couple! On-location, on a bright sunny day it was a real challenge to put Nikon Creative Lighting System to the test again. Balancing ambient with flash light. My objective is to give a cinematic treatment - meaning, to achieve a high lighted face in complex lighting situations rather than having a casted shadow that would make the portrait mediocre in value. Don't they look great together??!

Congratulations Ian and Ina - I love the sound of that! :D