Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ian & Ina Engagement portraits

Not only do their names sound good together but they make a great couple! On-location, on a bright sunny day it was a real challenge to put Nikon Creative Lighting System to the test again. Balancing ambient with flash light. My objective is to give a cinematic treatment - meaning, to achieve a high lighted face in complex lighting situations rather than having a casted shadow that would make the portrait mediocre in value. Don't they look great together??!

Congratulations Ian and Ina - I love the sound of that! :D


Anonymous said...

these are all beautiful!! where did this take place? the couple look great together!! are these all the pictures? is it okay if you post more of them?

i would greatly appreciate it.


Andy said...

Oh, it was at Ayala Greenfields in Laguna. There were so many shots to put, perhaps you could check it out at my multiply site? I'll probably upload it by tomorrow. I'm glad you like the shots! :D

van said...

i love the pre nup pictures! i wish i could have as nice pix as these on my wedding next year. :) the pictures were taken with such creativity. i love the angles as well. congrats andy! these pictures were really great! :)