Monday, January 28, 2008

Not too late for 2008!

Okay, so after the numerous meetings with clients, hanging out with friends and family at Starbucks Coffee I was able to earn my Starbucks 2008 Planner. I know January is almost over, but hey! Who cares??? We still got 11 months left on the calendar, and guess what?! I thought that I'll hand over this wonderful item to one of you out there! :D

So how do we do it??

You may view my blog and tell me what you think about some of the photos or better yet, indicate which photo left an impression with you? Tell me why. Just leave a comment and I will judge and award the winner! Oh, and if you are a previous or present client of mine and you happen to be selected I'll throw in an additional Php 500.00 gift certificate from Starbucks!

Sounds like fun! Don't you think?! :D


K.N.J.O. said...

Hi Andy, I was saving the stickers for that too! oh well here's my try to actually comment on such an exquisite wedding photographer, wait, this would be more of a question. How do you get such concepts? I had my share to VA on our well known wedding photograpers, never have I seen such marvelous angles, vibrant colors, naturally artistic exposures such as yours. I find your theme dynamically increasing every wedding, I wonder how many hours you put in on processing, or on your caliber, you have your own graphic artists? I actually sat with you once during Memento's post-processing workshop, andjudging from the images you showed me, there's little left to process. I'd be honored to voluntarily assist you on one of your weddings.


cuki crumbs said...

Hi Andy! I already have a starbucks planner hehe, but let me just say that it's impossible to pick out just one photo that left an impression on me. Each shot is amazing and seems to have its own story. You have a really great God-given talent! :D

- Leslie

Leah F. Taas said...

can i join please???

Alexis Mendoza said...

hi andy. well, im a college student and i just looovveee... photography. im a frustrated photographer myself!
after i looked around your works, im so amazed on how you did that. you captured the natural beauty of your subjects. i believe you'll be big on the photography scene, trust me on my words! :)

kudos to you,
Alexis "Bam" Mendoza