Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Of Neighbors and Schools (JM & Noelle)

JM is my neighbor but I never knew it 'till the day he visited me to view my wedding albums. After he and Noelle decided to book me as their wedding photographer we became closer and would even hang-out often. He is also into photography and we would have coffee drinks and learn from each other. Sometime, he traveled to Eurpoe and showed me his shots which made me want to visit Tuscany! Perhaps someday when I get married too I would like to spend time with my wife there. :D We had our portraits done at the Ateneo, since both of them met there and it felt kinda cool just strolling around the campus, somehow making me reminisce the good 'ol college days... Since, JM and I live in Loyola Heights I totally understood why he wanted a shot with the early evening traffic rush! A scene that only Katipuneros could love.

Pure Outdoor Fun (Prichard and Pia)

This was my second time to ride with Prichard and Pia and we took a different trail at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The sweet thing about this ride is that I got the wide soft seat this time! :D So riding at the trail was a real breeze... I think the time we spent was good for us to bond and I also appreciate getting to know the couple at a deeper level, I really consider them as friends and I look forward to their wedding on February 6, 2010. Perhaps next time, I'll try to ride on that bull!

Monday, January 04, 2010


What I love about in my career is that I get time to spend with my clients. John and Shirley are just so fun to be with and this was a last minute decision to go for a prenup, hanging out with them and sharing thoughts was very much valued. They love to travel and I can't wait to see their honeymoon photos all the way from Tokyo!