Monday, October 30, 2006

Most anticipated wedding of 2006

Of all my clients I have photographed in the past few months, I think Richard and Jessa are real fanatics when it comes to portraits. We had two sessions for prenup, an engagement, and finally their wedding day! Call time was 4am at the Diamond Hotel in Manila then we headed off to Manila Cathedral were the ambience and architechture is a really must see. Reception followed at Crowne Plaza Hotel were I witnessed the most number of AVP's ever played in a wedding program! We continued our studio and indoor portraits till arnd 7pm. One of my longest wedding shoots I've done, so to say...:-)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beyond Limits...Beyond Wonder...

One of the coolest parties of this year, Motorola unveiled it's Moto Krzr in part with shu eumura. The product was featured side by side with the infinite line as they shared the same sense of taste and styling...

The KRZR comes in an attractive metallic blue tone color.

Photographed by Xander Angeles, the AVP just blew us away!!!

Event was attended by top personalities in the fashion industry and Motorola gave away 100 KRZRs

Chief Make-Up Artist herself, Xeng Zulueta with her fabulous outfit...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh Olay...

Aside from the usual weddings, events and portraits, I come across different assignments based from my client's requirements. P&G is now marketing the new line of its Olay products and I was asked to produce the shots for the local website and brochures that would be used for its promotions. This is a different challenge in comparison with portraits since lighting is very crucial in product illustration. It is important to bring out the detail of the product at the same time balance the highlites and shadows the would deliver vibrance to its image.

Common errors are "hot spots" which are technically areas that are too bright due to glare or even areas that are too dark which makes text unreadable, those should be avoided.

This really took me all night just to produce the right images. It basically is a trial and error routine to get the right lighting for the product. Wheeew! I guess I need one whole set for myself after the job I've done! :-)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lex & Marielen's Prenup

We set our portrait session at Metro One Studio yesterday for Lex and Marielen's pre-wedding trial make up. Make up artist was none other than Claire Diokno of SHU EUMURA with her hubby Ricky who did the fantastic hair styling for Marielen.

We started of with the usual formal attire where I took a lot of fabulous portraits.

The next set was fun and easy which gave us more exciting shots!

To top it off they both wore their chef's garment made by "Chefs Garb" which they exclusively manufacture and retail.

Check it out:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cezar & Leng's Prenup

I met Cezar and Leng yesterday at around 3:30 pm at the Abelardo Hall in U.P. for our pre-wedding portrait session. Sky was gloomy and rain was expected. We started off adjacent to the college of music building which was a rundown structure which gave a visual effect of ruins - perfect for portraiture! I also took some photos of the couple in front of the tower.

After this, we decided that its time to have a make over and so the couple changed their attire. At the same time, it started to drizzle but this did not stop us from our obejective!

We headed off to the open grounds behind the oblation where a few shots were taken. Then the rain drops became bigger so we ran as fast as we could to the nearest shelter. To our surprise, there was another couple having their portrait session with Lito Genilo taking their photos!

It was fun sharing the same area with a fellow photographer, doing our job and chatting once in awhile while the rain poured even more.

We finally were able to escape the rain and headed of to Jan's house in Loyola Grand Villas where we continued our prenup session behind doors. The house was well furnished and styled by famous cream silk endorser Gaby dela Merced. Check out the place - its astonishing!