Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh Olay...

Aside from the usual weddings, events and portraits, I come across different assignments based from my client's requirements. P&G is now marketing the new line of its Olay products and I was asked to produce the shots for the local website and brochures that would be used for its promotions. This is a different challenge in comparison with portraits since lighting is very crucial in product illustration. It is important to bring out the detail of the product at the same time balance the highlites and shadows the would deliver vibrance to its image.

Common errors are "hot spots" which are technically areas that are too bright due to glare or even areas that are too dark which makes text unreadable, those should be avoided.

This really took me all night just to produce the right images. It basically is a trial and error routine to get the right lighting for the product. Wheeew! I guess I need one whole set for myself after the job I've done! :-)

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Leah Taas said...

I'm an Olay fanatic!!! Good job here Andy! I didn't know you do product shoots pala. Well, ikaw nga you didn't know na I do food styling eh. Hahaha!