Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leica M8

It was such a wonderful experience to use a Leica M8 to capture wedding moments. A friend actually asked me if you could really spot the difference in the shots of an M8 compared to the latest DSLRs? My answer was straightforward-YES! Not only is it a breeze to handle, since rangefinders are compact and light weight but I used small fixed lenses as well. The images are crisp and sharp, excellent color right out of the card and it has this solid feel and response of good ol' German technology! I like to thank John Co again for allowing me to test drive the M8, looking forward to the M9. Coming up, the on-site AVP I made using all M8 shots.

My Best Friend's Wedding - Mark.Hazel.09.19.09

I have known Mark since I was 8 years old, we've been best buds ever since and he is like the closest relative I'd ever had (We were always mistaken to be cousins, most of my relatives are scattered all over Argentina...). I was really pleased and blessed by their wedding, I have witnessed how happy and crazy Mark and Hazel were! They had a rocker theme and for the first time I actually appreciated rock music for bridal applications... I enjoyed their wedding too, being a secondary sponsor I found it an honor to place the veil on Mark's shoulder and it was also a privilege for me to lead in opening the reception with a prayer. How I wish I knew how to move with rock music on the dance floor, oh well...Haha. I had my team document the wedding but I felt eager to shoot my best bud's big day and I was blessed again by my dear friend, John Co for allowing me to use his new Leica M8! I had two lenses with me, a 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2. I love it! The M8 was just fantastic for weddings! I wonder if I'll offer a package that would require me to use M8s, hmmm...Lets wait and see. :D

All shots taken with a Leica M8, I'll post the on-site AVP I made using all M8 shots soon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Praise and Thanksgiving

I just want to honor God for all the blessings He has poured upon me. I praise Him and glorify Him with the work of His hands! May all the images I take reflect His glory and majesty.

Come and see what God has done,
how awesome his works in man's behalf! -Psalm 66:5

Gino.Ivy 09.12.09

Gino and Ivy are my friends from my discipleship group in CCF, I learned that they have been together for so many years. I was so encouraged by their relationship and friendship. Last June, I spent time with them during our engagement session and got to know them even more when we were in Boracay. Their wedding was such a blessing for me, and I am always honored to play a role in weddings especially if it is to preserve the meaningful memories of their lives...

Pat.Lex 09.05.09

I've worked with Alexa for the longest time in our events with PMPI. Their theme was really cool - a kingdom! Very Interesting. I have been studying about kingdoms recently and I was surprised when I saw their invitation and bridal outfits for their big day! They both are so funny and formal portraits became "Fun Portraits". Been waiting for Pat and Lex's wedding and finally, I was honored to be a part of it. Congratulations to both of you, Pat and Lex. God bless you both!

Back On-line!

Finally I'm back. Having a long leave of absence from my blog, it feels really good to make a new post! So, what kept me away? Well, being a wedding photographer requires a lot of hard work and it was about time that I took the back seat and enjoyed everything about life and what it has to offer. I have been studying new concepts in wedding photography and album design so I'm really excited in my new products. Posting new photos right away! :D