Monday, February 18, 2008

Controlling light even better.

I recieved my new Nikon SU-800 Commander unit today and it got me really excited to test it out! It has been out of stock here in Manila and after checking in about 10 stores in Hong Kong my brother was able to purchase one for me. Finally, a faster way of adjusting the settings for the Advanced Lighting System which would require me to toggle with the D200's menu when using the pop-up flash in commander mode. (saves me a lot of time and batteries!)

What better way to try it out?? I asked my niece, Alyssa to model for me. Using two SB-800's and setting them to TTL mode with a little fine tuning to blend with the ambient light of our living room and in A Mode with the D200.

To really push it to the test (flash and my niece) I asked Alyssa to jump and by bouncing the two flash groups off the white walls I was able to achieve the awesome stopping power of the SB-800 units!

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Ingrrd Pumpernickle said...

She's adorable. Starting early ha...
What more can she ask for if she has a photographer for an uncle! Hahaha Pwede na mag-artista yan Hahaha