Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't harm the animals! Just shoot 'em!

My friend Jonas invited me to the Philippine Canine Club, Inc.'s All-Breeds Championship Dog Show. As an enthusiast, he was sharing to me the different breed types and characteristics of the dogs which was very educational. It even made me think of how diverse we people are as well! A great opportunity to learn new stuff and take some photos. They were so adorable and amazing, especially the large breeds! My all time favorites: Pug! (especially the round, over weight ones!) :D , Boxer, Doberman and Siberian Husky! I'm glad the Pomeranian won "Best in Show", it was my best bet! Check out some of the images of yesterdays event:

The cute 'lil furball got its well deserved title.

Hai! Watashi wa, Nihon-jin desu! Banzai! :O

Here is a whippet, whipping its handler! No, just kidding! This race dog just wanted to give its handler a wet kiss on the lips! :D (do you see the pattern on both handler and k9?)

'Sup Dawg??!!!

My kind of dog!

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