Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let there be Sushi!

I had a new assignment yesterday and I was tasked to shoot some food shots for a popular local sushi bar - Kitaro! It got me really excited to do this because the last time I shot food was at Mark Floro's Food Photography class at PCCI.

I brought all my stuff, you name it! The heavy light stands, strobe heads, umbrellas and soft boxes, camera and lenses and my 17" powerbook and without any assistant that moment I just thought that lifting all those equipment will just exhaust my energy! So, I said to myself, " I don't really need all this stuff!" Immediately, I pulled my D200, 2 Sb-800's and Su-800 and that was about it! Using Nikon's Advanced Lighting technology, I was able to achieve studio output quality in my layouts.

Kitaro is coming out with some new products that you just would like to try when it is made available. Believe me, the sushi really rocks! Check this out:

The proud and beautiful manager of Kitaro, Leslie!

I'm definitely getting some sushi tonight! :D


cuki crumbs said...

I love Kitaro! The food is really great, hehe. XD

Andy said...

Me too! Kitaro is the best Cuki Crumbs! :D