Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Strobist shoots Prada

My friend Ryan, asked me to shoot some old signature bags he had and I instantly thought that it would be good to put my sb-800's to the test! using only 2 speedlights, Ryan and his partner Kevin were very much satisfied with the results. As for me, making my clients happy without having to bring my studio lights was a real breeze for me!

More coming up...

Tomorrow I'm shooting for another friend of mine Pocholo, who wants some food shots for his resto and then I'm headed to Speedzone in the evening to shoot some Go-kart racing. Definitely, another day for a strobist put to the test! :D


Leah F. Taas said...

Nice clean product shots! Good work on the Strobist.

Hey friend, pls ask your friend if they are selling those vintage pieces... me likey likey!!! Hehehe!

Andy said...

Yes friend! They sell it at very low prices, I took about 40 sets! thats how many items they have, Call Ryan Hong at 0916-5702724. :D