Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WPPP Photo Congress 2007

After 2 days of attending the WPPP Photo Congress 2007, on going currently at SM Megamall, indeed I could say I have learned so much from the seminars conducted by the masters of wedding photography in the country such as: Lito Genilo, Dino Lara, Richel Mascarinas and Lito Sy. Much more awaits as Australian master photographer and international award winners Martin and Ryan Schembri conducts the master class this thursday at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club. Last night Ryan Schembri (son of Martin) gave his lecture on Photoshop entitled: Schembri's Freakin' Photoshop.

A lot of learning and lots of fun in fellowship with other photographers and suppliers. This is a "must attend event" in Philippine photography. I just had to pose with father and son tandem, Martin and Ryan Schembri. (Photo courtesy of Richel Mascarinas)

I've said it many many times, "I rarely have my photo taken". But the Photo below is really special to me (though I look serious again!). Not only was it a test shot using Sony's latest Alpha 700 DSLR (which is such an amazing camera) but the man behind the lens was no other than the master himself, Martin Schembri!!! (Thanks Martin;D)

I just had to post it here! More coming up, I'll be posting shots from the Schembri's master class lecture soon!

-To be continued...-


Batang Pasay said...

hey andy! you look great in your photo! :-)

Andy said...

Wow! Really?! :D Thanks, that was cool...Hehehe :D

spicedtea said...
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Andy said...

Hahaha! Really Spiced Tea?? Maybe its because I'm Argentine?? :P

Leah F. Taas said...

gwaping ng friend ko!