Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Last night...

We had our monthly meeting last night at SPPP, this was the 3rd session for the sketching activity but it was my first time to actually try sketching a portrait figure. There were several experts who visited and participated in the activity. I was amazed with the skill they had and achieved various outputs based on the artist's perspective. Here are some shots of last night's activity.

...and here is my first attempt to sketch. (I know...It's my first try so I hope to improve in the future :D) I ended up shooting some portraits of our lovely model, Joy.

You may also check Leah's Blog, I guess she did a better job than me! :D
Aside from the new activity we had our monthly portrait contest and I would like to congratulate the winners: Jesse, Robert Lester, Angie and Lito!

Here is our beautiful contest comittee head announcing the winners, Leah Taas

Masters of Wedding Photography and title holders "Photographer of the Year" Buddies Lito Genilo and Robert Lester Aliscad enjoying the victory!

In our forthcoming Christmas party, we will have first hand lecture with the Master Magicians in the country headed by our own member Boy Samson, can't wait for that! :D


Jesse Herrera said...

sir andy! i grabbed some pics =)

Leah F. Taas said...

You did good in your 1sr attenpt my friend!

At last, someone took a photo of me. Hehehe! Thanks friend!

Andy said...

Hehehe! Your welcome friend! Sayang naman ayos mo kung wala kang portrait in action! Next time I'll include yout shoes! :D