Tuesday, April 03, 2007

tricks of the trade

I recently acquired my latest software for my digital workflow, Adobe's Lightroom. It is an amazing image editing software for professional application. Basically it is a tool that allows a photographer to edit images with selective control to precisely achieve the detail that is required to produce an excellent photograph. Professional photographers make use of a different file format, the Camera RAW or DNG (Digital Negative) in their applications. These files are of the purest and uncompressed data that the file contains, it is unlike the Jpeg format (commonly used) that is compressed and a lot of detail is lost and overall quality of the file is significantly reduced.I found it very accurate and fast, I was overwhelwed with the results - perfect for my post production!

Aside from Adobe's Lightroom, I also use Adobe Photoshop CS2, Nikon Capture editor, Nikon Capture NX and Apple's Aperure for my post production workflow

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