Friday, April 20, 2007

Ms. Sattler!

Marybeth is such a wonderful person from Michigan, she teaches in Faith Academy and attends our weekly bible study group in GCF. MB is very friendly, smiles often and has the cutest laugh that I have ever heard! :D One thing really noticeable in MB is her pretty blue eyes. I told myself that I definitely have to take her portraits! So we decided to go for it last wednesday and I was amazed how confident she was in front of the camera - considering she never had a portrait session. Go take a closer look at those beautiful eyes! :)


Amanda said...

Marybeth looks BEAUTIFUL, i have always known she was a beautiful girl but the photos are amazing. You have a great gift from the Lord and it is awesome that you are using it to preserve memories for all of the couples.

John said...

great shots!

Andy said...

Thank you! To God be the glory! :D