Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bridal Challenge!

As a wedding photographer, I encounter all sorts of challenges on the event. From lighting conditions to crowd management it keeps me on my toes all day! But another challenge worth quoting is when a guest would hand over a camera and request that I take their group photo with it as well. This is the part after the ceremony when we try to photograph the family and guests of the couple as quickly as possible so as not to delay the next wedding lining up. At an instant, 4-6 cameras of different makes are handed over and aside from taking a shot from my camera - I'd have to take more with different camera settings! though some may look so simple I sometimes stare at the camera and wonder why don't they make 'em all the same?! Here I am working hard to take the shot! :-)

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Leah Taas said...

Hi Andy! You're absolutely right... tapos by the time you'll shoot na with your camera, nag-aalisan na from the group pose ang iba. haayyyyyy... oh well, basta keep that smile lang palagi!!!