Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What marriage is all about... (Dennis.Jacqueline.12.5.09)

Why does a man and woman get married? Marriage is sacred because it comes from the very heart of God, it was God's design for a man and woman to be together as husband and wife. I remember when I first met Dennis and Jacqueline, we had this meaningful conversation about marriage and single blessedness. I was encouraged by their faith and committment not only for each other but also in honoring God thru their union. During the ceremony, the couple gave their vows and I was inspired on how they committed themselves and their relationship to Him. I would always feel godly love from both of them and it was such a privilege to witness God's promises upon them on their wedding day.

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cuki crumbs said...

Wow, this was inspired. The photos are breathtaking! ♥