Monday, November 23, 2009

Spinning wheels at San Mateo

I've always been a bike fan, but after college my lifestyle just changed dramatically and I never got to ride with 2 wheels ever since. Prichard and Pia are real bike lovers and over dinner one time, they asked me if I would join them in one of their bike trails (I was like, sure!) and Prich had extra bikes he could lend me. So, this was really a cool idea and I knew we would have fun. I've been running lately and riding on a trail would be like a cross-train work-out for me, so how could I ever say NO!??

We took the trail in San Mateo and the bike I used was like super cool, I just could not believe how insanely light it was! Prich really loves his expensive bikes! :D

I love these machines! But one thing that bothered me was the ultra-narrow and stiff seat the bikes had. Prich and Pia mentioned that the one I was using was extra soft already and I really was not used to it since my ancient bike had wide and really soft padding on it! During my test run, I could already feel the muscle pain and I was just prepared to use a wheel chair after...

Riding is not just fun but challenging as well. I love the variety of terrain, from gravel to loose soil, mud and hard rock it definitely was a challenge, oh and there were dangerous obstacles along the way too.

Ahhh, this was the hi-light of the ride - delicious breakfast after a tiring stage!

This was basically a fun and bonding experience, the prenup is yet to come. Thank you Prich and Pia for the time, adventure and friendship, I'm so excited to see you both finally tie the knot!

Praise God for His wonderful creations, these are some of the moments that we get to appreciate His wonders!


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