Thursday, July 17, 2008

JR + Jen engagement

Ok, so classes were suspended, some people stayed at home and signal number 1 was declared over the Metro...but that did not stop us from our prenup session at Tagaytay Highlands. A little rain here and there, let there be fog! Bring in the surreal effects! I thought for a moment, It just keeps getting more and more exciting! How about some indoor fun?! Hmmmm....I like! (Thank you Jen Ong for the inspiration!) :D Congratulations to both of you, JR and Jen! You make an excellent couple, I'm sooooo excited to be a part of your wedding! :D


Jen said...

wow andy! i love the "walking under an umbrella in the fog" picture! it's so romantic. pwede ba kami mag-pa prenup din ng asawa ko? hehehe!

good job on the cloning! looking forward to more!

Andy said...

Oh, sure! Lets do it sometime! Thanks! :D

CK said...

Hey Andy, thanks for coming down to Singapore. Want to let you know I love the picture of the couple in the fog. Very atmospheric.

Andy said...

Hey CK! It was an honor and privilege to attend Huy's workshop! Thank you so much for inviting me.

We were on our way back to the house to do indoor shots since the fog was too much and it started to drizzle again, I just thought that it would be unfair not to shoot just because the weather was different. I think it is a great shot as well. :D

Thanks again for the encouragement, I'm thinking of three albums already! Hahahaha!