Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some photos and Biblical Prophecies for sharing

Ok, now comes the fun stuff! My heart just pounds really loud when I go over my photos and look back and reminisce the moments of the photographs that I took. I'm going really overwhelmed with some particular photos in my iPhoto catalog, especially those I took in Israel! Here are some 'em.

The Garden of Gethsemane

The location were Christ Jesus was arrested by Roman soldiers and betrayed thru the infamous kiss of Judas, one of numerous prophecies fulfilled in God's redemption plan for us.

The Eastern Gate

This sentry is located at the eastern side of the Temple in Jerusalem, strictly reserved for VIP's such as kings and royalty that enter the temple courts. The exact gateway that Jesus Christ made His way thru at Palm sunday greeted by the Jews waving palm leaves and laying it before Him as He passes by. Another prophecy fulfilled clearly stating that He is not only the King of the Jews but the Messiah as well. The gate is now sealed off by the Muslims that took over Jerusalem, the Bible tells us that in His second coming He will once again enter thru this side of the Temple.

The Dome of the Rock

Islamic mosque that now is situated in what is speculated to be the location of the Tabernacle during the second temple period. This is considered as holy ground not only for the Muslims but for Jews as well.

Sea of Galilee

A lake actually, is were Jesus and His disciples began their ministry by performing miracles and converting the people. It really gave me goose bumps every time I would reflect and meditate by the shore. Indeed, it is an overwhelming feeling to imagine the Lord walking in the same body of water that I was facing!

Har Megiddo

This is what came to be called "The Valley of Armageddon". The ancient highway which links the northern and southern countries in the western region of the middle east. The major battles during the Old Testament times occurred frequently in this route and Bible prophecy reveals that the last major battle in earth will be once again in this valley, right before the rapture.

Mount of Olives

Directly facing the Eastern wall and gate of the Temple of Jerusalem, Jesus Christ will descend from the heavens and shall set foot again in this place in His second coming right before re-entering the Temple courts.

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