Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First step in Israel


These past few days have been very meaningful and tiring for me! I've been around Israel for about three days and I am so blessed to be present where key biblical events transpired. There is just so much to understand and appreciate in Israel that it definitely is a place that everybody should experience! Indeed, Israel is the land of Milk and Honey, as God promised His chosen people. It is blessed with beautiful climate and landscape. Thru out the country side you will discover that it is rich in agriculture and livestock. Dry and cool air breeze surrounds the cities. The historical sites are well preserved and will give you a clear perspective of its past. I'm staying by the Sea of Galillee and it definitely is an awesome sight! I'll be soon going to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea and I'll keep you all posted with even more images of the Promised Land.

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