Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sound or Speed? How 'bout both!

Today I did Charles and Annabelle's Prenup. I was quite excited when Charles told me he wanted me to shoot them at a record bar and at his friend's auto racing shop! To top it of the car we used for the shoot was my very own favorite (dream car lang!) Skyline GTR R34!!! The owner showed us a video how they clocked this monster to 320kph just when you would start to count a minute! Amazing machine. :D

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Ingrrd Pumpernickle said...

Grabe bro, pinahanga mo nanaman ako. Grabe ang creativity mo. Tama yung sabi nung prof ko nung college, kahit gano man ka-out of this world, pag na-execute ng maigi at pinag-isipan ART na yan! Galing mo! Shoot tayo next week! Hahaha